fierce knife in the snow

Jianghu is a pearl curtain. Big people, small people, are beads, big stories, small stories, are strings. The word"friendship"is the essence of those...

Dragon Palace

In previous lives, do you think I can't afford it? In this world, I'm beyond your reach! Chen Mo, the great friar of huashenjing, explored the ...

Cang Yuantu

Tomato's tenth novelí¬í¬í¬í¬ My name is Meng Chuan. I'm 15 years old. I'm the contemporary senior brother of"Jinghu Taoist temple"in Dongning Prefecture

Douluo IV ultimate Douluo

Ten thousand years later, the ice melted. Douluo federal scientific research team found an egg with gold and silver patterns during the scientif...

fairy Palace

The book of heaven sealed the list of gods, the book of mountains and seas, and the book of human life and death! Above the nine days is the fairy palace

Shura Dan God

There are hundreds of millions of races in the starry world. Terrans have fallen from the peak to the 20th or 30th place. However, for the fear and ...

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