13 mink street

I like sitting on the empty street at night, listening to the whispers of"them"and enjoying the noise of"them"

abandon the universe

The vitality of the earth has revived, but this is really not the story of the spiritual recovery of the earth, but the story of a wandering universe

king of robbery

Wang Li was a monk of xuantianzong. The elder martial sister who took him to practice had some problems in her brain after the failure of the ...

the ninth special zone

After the disaster, the earth was devastated. Food is scarce, resources are in short supply, and the situation is chaotic... A young ..

the ninth in the world

There are eight Hongmeng Taoist principles in the endless universe, each of which is fused by a supreme power. No one knows that there is...

three inch room

There is no God in three feet, and three inches in the palm is human. This is the fifth novel"three inch world"created by Ergen afte...

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